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84 SOUNDS pt V-neck T-SH

Product description

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  • 84 SOUNDS pt V-neck T-SH

    "The over-the size of the trend, a feeling only wear one these days come true"

    to arrange the uniforms of American Football, T-shirt finished in a large silhouette than the classic. Shoulder of falling feeling and the width of the wide feeling of size was designed to fashion sense stand out in that dress in rough To Yururi. Pants and denim, of course, because the suit with short pants style as well as the width of the dress is spread, shining in graphic iconic high-impact, in over-the size of the trend, excellent come true even today feeling Corde feeling even just wear one thing.

    "Comfort in the heat of the summer of Sara Max dimple mesh also exhilarating"

    Because you are using the finest comfortable material , soft and smooth not sticky even sweat is comfortable T-shirt.
    Please enjoy the sport MIX coordination of mesh × numbering motif.

    Polyester 100%

    X-SMALL [Length] 58.5 [Width] 43 [snow] 42.5
    SMALL [Length] 61 [Width] 46.5 [snow] 44.5
    MEDIUM [Length] 64 [Width] 49.5 [snow] 47.5
    LARGE [Length] 67 [ Width] 55 [snow] 50
    unit: cm

  • 84 SOUNDS pt VネックT-SH


    アメフトのユニフォームをアレンジした、定番よりも大きめのシルエットに仕上げたTシャツです。肩の落ち感や身幅の広いサイズ感はゆるりとラフに着こなすことでオシャレ感が際立つようにデザインしました。 チノパンやデニムはもちろん、ショートパンツスタイルでも合うので着こなしの幅が広がるだけでなく、インパクトのあるグラフィックがアイコニックに輝く、トレンドのオーバーサイズで、1枚纏うだけでコーデ感も今時感も叶う優れもの。




    X-SMALL [着丈]58.5 [身幅]43 [ゆき]42.5
    SMALL [着丈]61 [身幅]46.5 [ゆき]44.5
    MEDIUM [着丈]64 [身幅]49.5 [ゆき]47.5
    LARGE [着丈]67 [身幅]55 [ゆき]50

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