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OVER DRIVE pt bleach processing T-SH

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • OVER DRIVE pt bleach processing T-SH

    Bleach "to Komu wearing subjected to a bleach processing by hand to one of their flow" \ n \ n indigo dyeing (black is natural eco-dyes that do not use the chemical dye) by hand to the T-shirts made from fabric processing charity, it has been put out a vintage wash over the overall drop the color. \ Bleach processing of manually-consuming n hassle, it is a thing which can not be only a limited processing plants. Because of the processing that finished in one by one different facial expressions, it is a dish to enjoy going to increase the taste enough to go in Tsukon. \ N \ n \ n \ n is "in the over-the size of the trend, one wears only these days feeling come true." \ N \ n T-shirt finished in a large silhouette than the classic. Wide size sense of falling feeling and width of the shoulder was designed to rather femininity stand out in that dress in rough To Yururi. Pants, of course, not only spread the width of the dress because even fit in the skirt style, shining in graphic iconic high-impact, in over-the

    100% cotton \ n \ nFREE [Length] 69 [width] 45 [snow] 29.5 \ n Unit: cm

  • OVER DRIVE pt ブリーチ加工T-SH




    定番よりも大きめのシルエットに仕上げたTシャツです。肩の落ち感や身幅の広いサイズ感はゆるりとラフに着こなすことでかえって女らしさが際立つようにデザインしました。 パンツはもちろん、スカートスタイルでも合うので着こなしの幅を広がるだけでなく、インパクトのあるグラフィックがアイコニックに輝く、トレンドのオーバーサイズで、1枚纏うだけでコーデ感も今時感も叶う優れもの。


    FREE [着丈]69 [身幅]45 [ゆき]29.5

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