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  • 24SALOON pt OP

    ※ This item is using a bad dye of dare fastness in order to perform the effective processing. \ When n wet friction and sweat and rain might move the color to other clothing and underwear, so please be careful. \ N \ n ※ Indigo color should be avoided as much as possible is that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light because easy to sunburn. \ N \ n \ n "unique atmosphere which has been subjected to chemical wash can enjoy" \ n \ n is a series of atmosphere which has been subjected to chemical wash process to wash in a state in which the product together a ball that was included in the discharging agent. \ N \ n impact there Items here seems hysterical glamor twist to play a mix of graphics. Shirts and, underneath, such as cardigan, can also be used as a time-shortening item because the atmosphere is changed only match without hesitation. There is one and always coordinated shines in fresh.

    100% cotton \ n \ nFREE [total length] 101.5 [width] 50 [snow] 30 \ n Unit: cm

  • 24SALOON pt OP





    インパクトあるグラフィックをミックスして遊びを効かせたヒステリックグラマーらしいこちらのアイテム。 シャツや、カーディガンなどの下に、さらりと合わせるだけで雰囲気が変わるので時短アイテムとしても使えます。1枚あるといつものコーディネイトがフレッシュに輝きます。


    FREE [総丈]101.5 [身幅]50 [ゆき]30

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