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HEY JOEY total handle Aloha Shorts

Product description

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  • HEY JOEY total handle Aloha Shorts

    "The hottest of the classic beach shorts, HYS original new character appeared" and become \ n \ n this season every year, resort taste of the items that begin Mushoni worrisome. In particular, this season is more than one brand is showcased in the runway, also in previous years or more of excitement, such as hammer out a lot of shops. In addition classic beach shorts of current during the break has soared to trend. \ N \ n Among the latest collection assortment of various types, here is the original character of the ranks from this season as a new mascot of the brand, is a piece featuring the "JOEY AFFAIR (Joey Affair)" of Chihuahua. The \ n \ n \ n "discerning beach shorts like also convinced of the full-scale tailoring" \ n \ n material using a rayon jet that reproduces the look and fell a sense of vintage Hawaiian shirt, white body overprint, color the body is full specification finished with discharge printing. Further waist can be adjusted in the rubber and cords. Silhouette has been tailored to the rela

    Rayon 100% \ n \ nSMALL [West] 65 [crotch] 20.3 [hem around] 50 [around the thigh] 68 \ nMEDIUM [West] 70 [crotch] 21.3 [around the hem] 51 [around the thigh] 70 \ NLARGE [ West] 75 [crotch] 22.3 [around the hem] 52 [around the thigh] 73 \ n unit: cm

  • HEY JOEY総柄 アロハショーツ

    『大注目のクラシックビーチショーツに、HYS オリジナルの新キャラが登場』


    様々なタイプを取り揃える最新コレクションのなかでも、こちらはブランドの新たなマスコットとして今季から仲間入りのオリジナルキャラクター、チワワの「JOEY AFFAIR(ジョーイ・アフェア)」をフィーチャーした一枚です。






    SMALL [ウエスト]65 [股下]20.3 [すそ周り]50 [もも周り]68
    MEDIUM [ウエスト]70 [股下]21.3 [すそ周り]51 [もも周り]70
    LARGE [ウエスト]75 [股下]22.3 [すそ周り]52 [もも周り]73

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