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T-shirt with HYS MOTEL print Poke

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • T-shirt with HYS MOTEL print Poke

    "Worse Kimaru even one. Combi also "of the outer jacket and

    T-shirt of the popular standard form in classic is good even if the in-course to the bottom to the inner, what excellent hear of wearing once.

    It is India woven in and the degree of filling in the ply yarn thread that was compact spinning the Pima of American super-long cotton. The compact spinning finish to the thread of fuzz is less beautiful surface in a way that twisting while condensing the fiber bundle in the air.

    India woven using this yarn is the type collapse less likely to be best of the material comfortable to wear.

    Cotton 100%

    SMALL [Length] 64 [Shoulder] 40 [Width] 45 [Sleeve length] 22
    MEDIUM [Length] 67 [Shoulder] 40.5 [Width] 47 [Sleeve length] 23.5
    LARGE [Length] 67 [Shoulder] 42 [Width] 53 [sleeve length] 24
    X-LARGE [length] 70.5 [Shoulder] 43.5 [Width] 56.5 [sleeve length] 25
    unit: cm

  • HYS MOTELプリント ポケ付Tシャツ



    アメリカ超長綿のピマをコンパクト紡績した糸を双糸にし度詰めに編んだ天竺です。 コンパクト紡績とは空気で繊維束を凝縮させながら撚る方法で毛羽立ちが少なく美しい表面の糸に仕上がります。



    SMALL [着丈]64 [肩幅]40 [身幅]45 [そで丈]22
    MEDIUM [着丈]67 [肩幅]40.5 [身幅]47 [そで丈]23.5
    LARGE [着丈]67 [肩幅]42 [身幅]53 [そで丈]24
    X-LARGE [着丈]70.5 [肩幅]43.5 [身幅]56.5 [そで丈]25

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