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DEVILS COCKTAIL total handle shorts

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • DEVILS COCKTAIL total handle shorts

    "Colorful and package only wear one piece, immediately fashion sense UP"

    is the shorts tailored lightly detail to simple taking advantage of the lightness of the outer material. Wearing a total handle of the mood here, the rich owner of individuality to double flies seen in only wear and kidnapping. Take to become a diatomaceous, is a great effect to tend to spring and summer to fall into impression dress is insipid. In addition, waist can be relaxed wear and easy to spindle containing the regulation. Even wear of summer has become a lightweight items in a comfortable you feel a sense of refreshing.

    Moreover, the use of the functional materials with enhanced breathability by making the dot-like fine vent fabric itself, always comfortable in clothes effectively discharge the stuffiness of wearing conditions to keep. It is also ideal for the coming season is also excellent in performing quick-drying the water processing.

    100% Polyester

    SMALL [West] 80 [Rise] 32 [crotch] 22.5 [around the hem] 53 [about thigh] 62 [hip] 97
    MEDIUM [West] 85 [Rise] 32.5 [crotch] 24 [hem around] 54 [ around the thigh] 63 [hip] 102
    LARGE [West] 90 [rise] 34 [crotch] 25.5 [around the hem] 56 [around the thigh] 66 [hip] 108
    unit: cm

  • DEVILS COCKTAIL総柄 ショートパンツ





    SMALL [ウエスト]80 [股上]32 [股下]22.5 [すそ周り]53 [もも周り]62 [ヒップ]97
    MEDIUM [ウエスト]85 [股上]32.5 [股下]24 [すそ周り]54 [もも周り]63 [ヒップ]102
    LARGE [ウエスト]90 [股上]34 [股下]25.5 [すそ周り]56 [もも周り]66 [ヒップ]108

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