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ACDC / $ 500 REWARD print T-shirt

Product description

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  • ACDC / $ 500 REWARD print T-shirt

    "AC / DC large-scale rock T-shirts appeared that was inspired by the T-shirt during the tour of"

    1976 release of the album "High Voruteji" of the jacket of Angus Young imitating the flyer at the time of the AC / DC that was collage T-shirt that was printed that was. It wanted man, the best of rock 'n' roll player, bounty 500 US dollars. Malcolm Young of AC / DC is also the brother has been driven by supply and Angus was down a narrowly curtain on the life of the November 64-year-old 2017.

    In addition also sticking to the material, grown in India Madorai, we give enters arrive at the hybrid cotton that has been spinning.
    Natural fats and oils are many there is a slimy feeling, in a very long cotton Although fiber length is long is not as Subin Supima class, gloss and softness is exudes a silky texture.

    100% Cotton

    SMALL [Length] 63 [Shoulder] 38.5 [Width] 45 [Sleeve length] 22.5
    MEDIUM [Length] 65 [Shoulder] 41.5 [Width] 49.5 [Sleeve length] 23.5
    LARGE [Length] 67.5 [Shoulder] 43 [Width] 52.5 [sleeve length] 24.5
    X-LARGE [length] 70 [Shoulder] 44 [Width] 57.5 [sleeve length] 26
    unit: cm

  • ACDC/$500 REWARDプリントTシャツ


    1976年リリースのアルバム『ハイ・ヴォルテージ』のジャケットのアンガス・ヤングをコラージュした当時の AC/DC のフライヤーを模したものをプリントしたTシャツです。お尋ね者、最高のロックン・ロールプレイヤー、懸賞金500ドル。AC/DC をアンガスと供に牽引してきた兄弟でもあるマルコム・ヤングは2017年11月64歳の人生に惜しくも幕を下ろした。



    SMALL [着丈]63 [肩幅]38.5 [身幅]45 [そで丈]22.5
    MEDIUM [着丈]65 [肩幅]41.5 [身幅]49.5 [そで丈]23.5
    LARGE [着丈]67.5 [肩幅]43 [身幅]52.5 [そで丈]24.5
    X-LARGE [着丈]70 [肩幅]44 [身幅]57.5 [そで丈]26

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