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JOEY'S AFFAIR total handle shorts

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • JOEY'S AFFAIR total handle shorts

    "Unique look is cute HYS original character appeared in the total handle"

    original character who joins as a new mascot of the brand, short circuit featuring "JOEY AFFAIR (Joey Affair)" of Chihuahua, was used chambray tone material lining pants.
    West has been finished to the specifications also worked as beach shorts that can be adjusted with a spindle.
    Is subjected to one wash has been put out a sense of falling and bulge of the dough after the product.

    Material 40 single yarn uneven sense of rough feeling and expression that was in plain weave using the . Vivid colors and delicate pattern representation has finished with digital printing features.

    Surface: 100% cotton, Lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

    SMALL [West] 80 [Rise] 30.5 [crotch] 23 [hem around] 54 [about thigh] 60 [hip] 102
    MEDIUM [West] 85 [Rise ] 32 [crotch] 25 [hem around] 55 [around the thigh] 62 [hip] 105
    LARGE [West] 89 [rise] 34 [crotch] 27 [hem around] 57 [around the thigh] 66 [hip] 111
    units :cm

  • JOEY’S AFFAIR総柄 ショートパンツ

    『独特の表情が愛くるしいHYS オリジナルキャラが総柄で登場』

    ブランドの新たなマスコットとして仲間入りしたオリジナルキャラクター、チワワの「JOEY AFFAIR(ジョーイ・アフェア)」をフィーチャーし、裏地にシャンブレー調素材を使用したショートパンツです。


    表地: 綿100%, 裏地: ポリエステル65%, 綿35%

    SMALL [ウエスト]80 [股上]30.5 [股下]23 [すそ周り]54 [もも周り]60 [ヒップ]102
    MEDIUM [ウエスト]85 [股上]32 [股下]25 [すそ周り]55 [もも周り]62 [ヒップ]105
    LARGE [ウエスト]89 [股上]34 [股下]27 [すそ周り]57 [もも周り]66 [ヒップ]111

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