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S Chino slim pants

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • S Chino slim pants

    "Fit skinny denim pants not too much emphasis adult Legs line can enjoy"

    body to show just fit the line of the leg in the tight silhouette clean and straight to adult casual skinny pants. At a moderate stretch, and finish the familiar comfort and comfortable to the body. The I am wearing rolled up to the chubby is recommended.

    Familiar comfort is further very light and soft whenever you wear, it is recommended pants so to get favorite daily.

    Use the back fluorescent Chino stretch the material. Use the cotton warp yarn, is a twill fabric with stretch using a polyester filament yarn was a fluorescent dye to the weft yarn (T-400).

    "Plus can be a neat and clean femininity at one point on"

    to be Boys-like style of the Poti a parka and military jackets, even mannish attire to match the shirt. Easy to use in any dress, excellent item will finish worked coordination of good enough edge. Soft twill using cotton Modal use the . By applying a fine brushed processing, s

    68% cotton, 32%

    23Inch [West] 64 [Rise] 24 [crotch] 70 [hem around] 30 [around the thigh] 46 [hip] 83
    24inch [West] 66 [Rise] 24 [crotch] 71 [hem around] 31 [around the thigh] 47 [hip] 85
    25Inch [West] 70 [rise] 24.5 [crotch] 72 [skirt around] 32 [about thigh] 48 [hip] 88
    26inch [West] 73 [rise] 24.5 [crotch] 73 [hem around] 33 [around the thigh] 49 [hip] 91
    27inch [West] 75 [rise] 25 [crotch] 74 [hem around] 33 [around the thigh] 50 [hip] 93
    28Inch [West ] 76 [rise] 25 [crotch] 75 [hem around] 34 [around the thigh] 52 [hip] 97
    unit: cm

  • Sチノスリムパンツ






    ポーティなパーカやミリタリーブルゾンとのボーイズライクなスタイルにも、シャツと合わせるマニッシュな装いにも。あらゆる着こなしに使いやすく、程良くエッジの効いたコーディネイトに仕上げてくれる優秀アイテム。 コットンモダールを使用したソフトツイル素材〈綿レーヨンツイルストレッチ〉を使用。 パウダーのような微起毛加工を施すことで、柔らかな肌触りに仕上げています。

    綿68%, ポリエステル32%

    23inch [ウエスト]64 [股上]24 [股下]70 [すそ周り]30 [もも周り]46 [ヒップ]83
    24inch [ウエスト]66 [股上]24 [股下]71 [すそ周り]31 [もも周り]47 [ヒップ]85
    25inch [ウエスト]70 [股上]24.5 [股下]72 [すそ周り]32 [もも周り]48 [ヒップ]88
    26inch [ウエスト]73 [股上]24.5 [股下]73 [すそ周り]33 [もも周り]49 [ヒップ]91
    27inch [ウエスト]75 [股上]25 [股下]74 [すそ周り]33 [もも周り]50 [ヒップ]93
    28inch [ウエスト]76 [股上]25 [股下]75 [すそ周り]34 [もも周り]52 [ヒップ]97

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