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STAR CIRCLE WOMAN printed track pants

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • STAR CIRCLE WOMAN printed track pants

    "Track pants was based on the vintage of sportswear,"

    similar to the jacket, the authentic item, and finished with a more comfortable items functional, by finishing in the new material.

    Use the cool Dots tricot in the material.
    Is a new material that has been developed as a knit version of the Cool Dots (R). The cool Dots (R) is the functional materials with excellent breathable stretch-light weight of 100% polyester having a myriad of fine air holes.

    Polyester 100%

    X-SMALL [West] 60 [Rise] 29 [crotch] 68 [hem around] 23 [around the thigh] 46 [hip] 77
    SMALL [West] 67 [Rise] 31.5 [crotch] 69 [hem around] 25 [around the thigh] 53 [hip] 82
    MEDIUM [West] 74 [rise] 31.5 [crotch] 69 [hem around] 26 [around the thigh] 56 [hip] 86
    unit: cm

  • STAR CIRCLE WOMAN プリント トラックパンツ



    クールドッツ(R)のニット版として開発された新素材です。 クールドッツ(R)とは無数の微細な空気孔を持つポリエステル100%で 通気性・ストレッチ性・軽量性に優れた機能素材です。


    X-SMALL [ウエスト]60 [股上]29 [股下]68 [すそ周り]23 [もも周り]46 [ヒップ]77
    SMALL [ウエスト]67 [股上]31.5 [股下]69 [すそ周り]25 [もも周り]53 [ヒップ]82
    MEDIUM [ウエスト]74 [股上]31.5 [股下]69 [すそ周り]26 [もも周り]56 [ヒップ]86

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