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TB processing S denim high-rise slim pants

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • TB processing S denim high-rise slim pants

    Enjoying a real wash feeling that make full use of "state-of-the-art technology! "

    Denim pants slim silhouette that is set to slightly higher waist. It features a light weight does not feel tight fit and stress and stretch.

    Processing has plus a representation of the random fall colors feeling caused by blasting with realistic aging process called TWIST BLAST processing. On both knees have to reproduce the crash made by narrowing wear.

    Made of 11 oz high power stretch denim. It is a new development stretch denim of which was realized the high expansion rate and recovery rate taking advantage of the texture of cotton.

    98% cotton, polyurethane 2%

    23Inch [West] 67 [Rise] 25.5 [crotch] 69.5 [around the hem] 27 [around the thigh] 44 [hip] 80
    24inch [West] 70 [Rise] 26 [crotch] 70 [hem around] 26 [around the thigh] 45 [hip] 81
    25Inch [West] 71 [rise] 27 [crotch] 71 [hem around] 28 [around the thigh] 46 [hip] 83
    26inch [West] 74 [rise] 27 [crotch] 73 [hem around] 29 [around the thigh] 47 [hip] 86
    27inch [West] 78 [rise] 27 [crotch] 74 [hem around] 30 [around the thigh] 48 [hip] 87
    28Inch [West ] 80 [rise] 27.5 [crotch] 74.5 [around the hem] 30 [around the thigh] 50 [hip] 88
    unit: cm

  • TB加工Sデニム ハイライズスリムパンツ



    加工はTWIST BLAST加工と呼ばれるリアルなエイジング加工とともにブラスト加工によるランダムな色落ち感の表現をプラスしました。両ひざには履き込みによって出来たクラッシュを再現しています。


    綿98%, ポリウレタン2%

    23inch [ウエスト]67 [股上]25.5 [股下]69.5 [すそ周り]27 [もも周り]44 [ヒップ]80
    24inch [ウエスト]70 [股上]26 [股下]70 [すそ周り]26 [もも周り]45 [ヒップ]81
    25inch [ウエスト]71 [股上]27 [股下]71 [すそ周り]28 [もも周り]46 [ヒップ]83
    26inch [ウエスト]74 [股上]27 [股下]73 [すそ周り]29 [もも周り]47 [ヒップ]86
    27inch [ウエスト]78 [股上]27 [股下]74 [すそ周り]30 [もも周り]48 [ヒップ]87
    28inch [ウエスト]80 [股上]27.5 [股下]74.5 [すそ周り]30 [もも周り]50 [ヒップ]88

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