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USED ​​processing S denim high-rise slim PT

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • USED ​​processing S denim high-rise slim PT

    "Style-up effect also overlook beautiful silhouette is happy point"

    is a stretch denim pants comfortable elongation and fit us to enhance the beautiful lines of women to superlative.
    You can enjoy a comfortable stretch and fit you feel in it to wear. Show and refreshing the feet, to the one of beauty silhouette that brings a natural leg looks, such as outer and knit and spacious, the balance of nowadays and give volume to the tops.

    Cotton yarn to the vertical to the material, the weft yarn using the back brushed denim stretch woven using a yarn blended cotton excellent polyester and (Thermo light) to the warmth, and brushed back to this, and warmth It is further stretch denim with enhanced goodness of touch.

    75% cotton, 22% polyester, polyurethane Pasento 3

    23Inch [West] 58 [Rise] 24 [crotch] 73 [around the hem] 24 [around the thigh] 45 [hip] 76
    24Inch [West] 61 [Rise] 24 [crotch ] 74 [hem around] 24 [around the thigh] 46 [hip] 79
    25Inch [West] 64 [rise] 24.5 [crotch] 75 [hem around] 25 [around the thigh] 48 [hip] 82
    26inch [West] 67 [rise] 24.5 [crotch] 76 [hem around] 25 [around the thigh] 49 [hip] 85
    27inch [West] 70 [rise] 25 [crotch] 77 [hem around] 26 [around the thigh] 50 [hip] 88
    28Inch [West] 73 [rise] 25 [crotch] 78 [hem around] 26 [around the thigh] 51 [hip] 91
    unit: cm

  • USED加工Sデニム ハイライズスリムPT




    綿75%, ポリエステル22%, ポリウレタン3%

    23inch [ウエスト]58 [股上]24 [股下]73 [すそ周り]24 [もも周り]45 [ヒップ]76
    24inch [ウエスト]61 [股上]24 [股下]74 [すそ周り]24 [もも周り]46 [ヒップ]79
    25inch [ウエスト]64 [股上]24.5 [股下]75 [すそ周り]25 [もも周り]48 [ヒップ]82
    26inch [ウエスト]67 [股上]24.5 [股下]76 [すそ周り]25 [もも周り]49 [ヒップ]85
    27inch [ウエスト]70 [股上]25 [股下]77 [すそ周り]26 [もも周り]50 [ヒップ]88
    28inch [ウエスト]73 [股上]25 [股下]78 [すそ周り]26 [もも周り]51 [ヒップ]91

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