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VINYL JUNKIE jacquard open color SH

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • VINYL JUNKIE jacquard open color SH

    "Pajama-like items to wear in the city are signs of the epidemic"

    pajamas look that came to suggestions in the runway from a few years ago stand out. The item that was conscious of nightwear and its atmosphere to wear in bed, enjoy in the town as a fashion, it is such celebrities influential is to practice, has been raised gradually To attention. And, also it is expected to climax on the street this year. This item was conscious of such a pajama-like is an open-collar shirt with slits on both sides of the square cut.
    We finished subjected to a product dyed in silhouette put a moderately clear.

    In addition, the material using a jacquard fabrics representing the delicate pattern using a filament rayon yarn by twisting the long fibers in the weft yarn , you can enjoy the feeling of falling and luster of the unique rayon.

    Rayon 100%

    SMALL [Length] 67.5 [Shoulder] 43 [Width] 55 [Sleeve length] 59
    MEDIUM [Length] 69 [Shoulder] 45 [Width] 57.5 [Sleeve length] 60
    LARGE [Length] 70.5 [Shoulder] 47 [width] 60 [sleeve length] 61
    unit: cm

  • VINYL JUNKIEジャカード オープンカラーSH





    SMALL [着丈]67.5 [肩幅]43 [身幅]55 [そで丈]59
    MEDIUM [着丈]69 [肩幅]45 [身幅]57.5 [そで丈]60
    LARGE [着丈]70.5 [肩幅]47 [身幅]60 [そで丈]61

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