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Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • KILLER pt SW

    "Unique HYSTERIC GLAMOUR sweat of Rashi is fully open of remembering the expression"

    to reproduce the old clothes material of 1950s football T, soft and use it to do the rayon filament yarn is not in the table, behind the scenes and luster of the front and back of the cotton short-sleeved sweat of Rashi is fully open of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR remembering the difference is a unique expression of the absorption of color.
    A number of 1984 such artwork has been shown the originality than that at the time of the establishment of, birth to many follower among the history of more than 30 years, has now become one of the identity is an indispensable talking about the brand .

    Since the print there is a presence, coordination has a cool best to wear in the kidnapping and one not decorated Arekore. Of course shirt or hoodie, in impressive accent even a glimpse from the front of the jacket.

    70% Rayon, 30% cotton

    SMALL [Length] 66 [Width] 49 [Sleeve length] 34.5
    MEDIUM [Length] 68 [Width] 53 [Sleeve length] 36.5
    LARGE [Length] 70 [Width] 57 [Sleeve length ] 38.5
    unit: cm

  • KILLER pt SW

    『独特な表情をもたせたHYSTERIC GLAMOURのらしさ全開のスウェット』

    50年代フットボールTの古着素材を再現し、柔らかくてけばのないレーヨンのフィラメント糸を表に使い、裏は綿を表と裏の光沢と色の吸収の違いが独特な表情をもたせたHYSTERIC GLAMOURのらしさ全開の半袖スウェット。

    プリントに存在感があるので、コーディネイトはアレコレ飾らずサラッと一枚で着るのが一番格好いい。 もちろんシャツやパーカ、ジャケットのフロントから覗かせても印象深いアクセントに。

    レーヨン70%, 綿30%

    SMALL [着丈]66 [身幅]49 [そで丈]34.5
    MEDIUM [着丈]68 [身幅]53 [そで丈]36.5
    LARGE [着丈]70 [身幅]57 [そで丈]38.5

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