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S denim slim PT

Product description

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  • S denim slim PT

    "Denim-up date, which gained great popularity in the 1990s"

    to reproduce the dyed at the time, uneven shape, fabric standards were also detailed analysis.

    The thread of the indigo color of the pants is a blend of US cotton, dyed express a used feeling at the time of the color depth and color of by adding a little brown in Indigo, a natural unevenness sense of the image of the old spinning machine out, it was to improve the comfort out of the stretch by newly put polyurethane weft yarn.

    Black color (a technique for spinning into one of the rovings of the two, usually in a single thread in the rovings of one) Sairosupan yarn to warp yarn by using the, it has become a clean surface . Since the (usually about 2.5 times since polyurethane 70d) high power of 30/2 to weft yarn (polyurethane 180d) are using, and finish the very expansion and contraction rates of high Wear comfortable fabrics.

    In addition, in the 5-pocket slim straight pants with both reasonable stretch, subjected to Wash honed to look

    (A color) 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane, (B color) 93% cotton, 7% Polyurethane

    28Inch [West] 76 [crotch] 90 [hem around] 31 [around the thigh] 48
    29Inch [West] 80 [inseam ] 91 [hem around] 31 [around the thigh] 49
    30inch [West] 81 [crotch] 93 [skirt around] 32 [around the thigh] 51
    31Inch [West] 84 [crotch] 94 [hem around] 33 [peach around] 53
    32inch [West] 87 [crotch] 94.5 [around the hem] 34 [around the thigh] 54
    34Inch [West] 91 [crotch] 95.5 [around the hem] 35 [around the thigh] 56
    unit: cm

  • Sデニム スリムPT






    (A色)綿98%, ポリウレタン2%, (B色)綿93%, ポリウレタン7%

    28inch [ウエスト]76 [股下]90 [すそ周り]31 [もも周り]48
    29inch [ウエスト]80 [股下]91 [すそ周り]31 [もも周り]49
    30inch [ウエスト]81 [股下]93 [すそ周り]32 [もも周り]51
    31inch [ウエスト]84 [股下]94 [すそ周り]33 [もも周り]53
    32inch [ウエスト]87 [股下]94.5 [すそ周り]34 [もも周り]54
    34inch [ウエスト]91 [股下]95.5 [すそ周り]35 [もも周り]56

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