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BLANK pt Tankasu JK

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • BLANK pt Tankasu JK

    "Give the difference to the ambient, through taste vintage motif,"

    the US military of Army combat uniform in the 1940s, during the Second World War, formally adopted cold weather equipment in the United States Army, based on the design of the called "Tankasu" It is a military jacket that was finished by weight of the detail on.
    It was called "Tankasu" because it mainly has been arrived at the tank crew.

    "We have worked decoration, alone Kimaru put on the package"

    because the decoration, such as front up and down in print has worked, coordination does not become dull even impression summarized in simple and basic, the attire of the visual quality is perfect . Such as turning on the parka hood out and inner-down, it is also recommended to enjoy a layered. In addition, cape off-shoulder dare to season of big silhouette style to choose the over-size, combined with slim pants, balance seems more this year.

    (A color) Surface: 70% cotton, 30% nylon, Lining: 100% polyester, rib: 100% cotton, (BC color) Surface: 70% cotton, 30% nylon, Body Lining: 100% rayon sleeves polyester lining 100% rib: 100% cotton

    SMALL [length] 63 [Shoulder] 45.5 [Width] 56 [sleeve length] 65.5 [weight (g)] 550
    MEDIUM [length] 64 [Shoulder] 47 [Width] 58 [sleeves length] 68 [wt (g)] 600
    LARGE [length] 65 [Shoulder] 49 [Width] 61 [sleeve length] 70 [wt (g)] 600
    unit: cm

  • BLANK pt タンカースJK





    (A色)表地: 綿70%, ナイロン30%, 裏地: ポリエステル100%, リブ: 綿100%, (BC色)表地: 綿70%, ナイロン30%, 身頃裏地: レーヨン100%, 袖裏地ポリエステル100%, リブ: 綿100%

    SMALL [着丈]63 [肩幅]45.5 [身幅]56 [そで丈]65.5 [重量(g)]550
    MEDIUM [着丈]64 [肩幅]47 [身幅]58 [そで丈]68 [重量(g)]600
    LARGE [着丈]65 [肩幅]49 [身幅]61 [そで丈]70 [重量(g)]600

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