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SPEEDSTER pt ribbed T-SH

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • SPEEDSTER pt ribbed T-SH

    "Brand symbol of, one was bold print the HYSTERIC Girl"

    of HYSTERIC girl who portrays from cool porn graffiti having been the erotic graphics, visualization and iconic motifs in the most straight the world of brands. Many of the artwork that have shown originality than that at the time of the establishment of 1984, birth to many follower among the history of more than 30 years, and now has become one of the identity is an indispensable talking about HYSTERIC GLAMOUR you.

    Print that was put from the top of both sleeves also point. Wearing faded condition of Kutatsu-sensitive and printed out in one go also to the unique taste items. Carefully I want to dress and love.

    100% cotton

    X-SMALL [Length] 62.5 [shoulder] 42.5 [Width] 44 [Sleeve length] 56.5
    SMALL [Length] 63.5 [Shoulder] 45 [Width] 48 [Sleeve length] 58.5
    MEDIUM [Length] 67.5 [Shoulder ] 48 [Width] 52.5 [sleeve length] 59
    LARGE [length] 69.5 [Shoulder] 52 [Width] 54.5 [sleeve length] 60
    unit: cm

  • SPEEDSTER pt リブ付T-SH


    エロティックでいてクールなポルノグラフティから描き出したHYSTERICガールのグラフィックは、ブランドの世界観を最もストレートにビジュアル化したアイコニックなモチーフ。 1984年の設立時よりオリジナリティを示してきたそのアートワークの数々は、30年を超える歴史のなかで多くのフォローワーを生み、今ではHYSTERIC GLAMOURを語るうえで欠かせないアイデンティティのひとつとなっています。

    両袖の上から乗せたプリントもポイント。 着ていくうちに出るクタッと感とプリントの色あせ具合も個性的な味になるアイテム。じっくり愛用して着こなしたい。


    X-SMALL [着丈]62.5 [肩幅]42.5 [身幅]44 [そで丈]56.5
    SMALL [着丈]63.5 [肩幅]45 [身幅]48 [そで丈]58.5
    MEDIUM [着丈]67.5 [肩幅]48 [身幅]52.5 [そで丈]59
    LARGE [着丈]69.5 [肩幅]52 [身幅]54.5 [そで丈]60

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