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HEAVEN embroidery Easy pants

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • HEAVEN embroidery Easy pants

    "Only in the immediate-Shundo UP to put the usual coordination"

    is easy pants of good clear hem rubber specifications as was remembering a room around the waist finish to items that can respond to a wide range of season until the summer opening from early autumn.
    You can be relaxed dress of Norbert in the West entering rubber.

    ■ smooth wool Prima

    is the original smooth knit was braided in a blend of PRIMALOFT YARN to wool. Subjected to Chijimi絨processing has dense finish.
    By blending the PRIMALOFT YARN, it has been demonstrated to increase numerical value of the warmth and light weight is in the comparison test of the wool 100% of the same material.

    Wool 85% Polyester 15%

    SMALL [West] 77 [Rise] 27 [crotch] 70 [hem around] 28 [around the thigh] 56 [hip] 101
    MEDIUM [West] 82 [Rise] 28 [crotch] 71 [hem around] 28 [around the thigh] 56 [hip] 103
    LARGE [West] 87 [rise] 30 [crotch] 73 [hem around] 29 [around the thigh] 60 [hip] 109
    unit: cm

  • HEAVEN 刺繍 イージーパンツ




    PRIMALOFT YARNをウールにブレンドして編上げたオリジナルのスムースニットです。縮絨加工を施して緻密に仕上げています。
    PRIMALOFT YARNをブレンドすることにより、ウール100%の同素材との比較テストにおいて保温性と軽量性の数値が高まることが実証されています。

    ウール85%, ポリエステル15%

    SMALL [ウエスト]77 [股上]27 [股下]70 [すそ周り]28 [もも周り]56 [ヒップ]101
    MEDIUM [ウエスト]82 [股上]28 [股下]71 [すそ周り]28 [もも周り]56 [ヒップ]103
    LARGE [ウエスト]87 [股上]30 [股下]73 [すそ周り]29 [もも周り]60 [ヒップ]109

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