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USED ​​processing denim × Army satin cargo PT

Product description

  • Translated sentence
  • Japanese (Original)
  • USED ​​processing denim × Army satin cargo PT

    "Sense and craftsmanship weave, repair denim of the very popular"

    in the style of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, special items denim that can not be removed absolutely. Design and detail, fabric and sewing, up to processing, all the insatiable its high maturity was arrived pouring commitment and quality, not to be outdone in a professional manufacturer, has gained overwhelming support from a wide generation you.

    Remake denim of every season well received, there also said its culmination.
    It was reproduced a remake pants that combine USED denim and military cargo yelling wear.
    And denim pants of the front body In fact, the cargo pants of the back body sewn separately, after having been subjected to processing in each, it has been rebuilt give away parts.

    Surface: 100% cotton, another cloth: 100% cotton

    28inch [West] 75 [Rise] 28 [crotch] 76.5 [around the hem] 32 [around the thigh] 55 [hip] 94
    29Inch [West] 79 [Rise] 29 [ inseam] 78.5 [around the hem] 33 [around the thigh] 56 [hip] 95
    30inch [West] 80 [rise] 29 [crotch] 80 [hem around] 34 [around the thigh] 58 [hip] 98
    31Inch [West] 81 [rise] 30 [crotch] 80 [hem around] 35 [around the thigh] 58 [hip] 99
    32inch [West] 85 [rise] 30 [crotch] 80.5 [around the hem] 35 [around the thigh] 61 [Hip ] 103
    34Inch [West] 90 [rise] 30.5 [crotch] 81 [around the hem] 36 [around the thigh] 62 [hip] 107
    unit: cm

  • USED加工 デニム×アーミーサテンカーゴPT


    HYSTERIC GLAMOUR のスタイルにおいて、デニムは絶対に外すことのできない特別なアイテム。デザイン&ディテール、生地や縫製、加工にいたるまで、すべてに飽くなきこだわりを注いで辿り着いたその高い完成度と品質は、専門メーカーにも引けを取らず、広い世代から絶大な支持を得ています。


    表地: 綿100%, 別布: 綿100%

    28inch [ウエスト]75 [股上]28 [股下]76.5 [すそ周り]32 [もも周り]55 [ヒップ]94
    29inch [ウエスト]79 [股上]29 [股下]78.5 [すそ周り]33 [もも周り]56 [ヒップ]95
    30inch [ウエスト]80 [股上]29 [股下]80 [すそ周り]34 [もも周り]58 [ヒップ]98
    31inch [ウエスト]81 [股上]30 [股下]80 [すそ周り]35 [もも周り]58 [ヒップ]99
    32inch [ウエスト]85 [股上]30 [股下]80.5 [すそ周り]35 [もも周り]61 [ヒップ]103
    34inch [ウエスト]90 [股上]30.5 [股下]81 [すそ周り]36 [もも周り]62 [ヒップ]107

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