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THREE STAR pt Mackinac SH

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • THREE STAR pt Mackinac SH

    "Nowadays sense of UP only to introduce a simple coordination"

    Mackinaw shirt of mood by design rich in elaborate decorations and facial expressions, big success as the leading role of coordination.
    While have a shirt type of collar be worn as a cape jacket slightly relaxed a silhouette by arranging a large flap pocket, also has much to up sense of trends.
    Only incorporate a simple dress, luck and visual quality is up, soaring even nowadays feeling! Casual style, of course, be used as a rough Remove dare together with the good goods slacks, it finishes to suddenly offered at a great impression. The front button is fully open, or 1 to only two bear, it is recommended to lightly put on and kidnapping.

    ■ double-faced double weave Broken Twill

    Weight is suppressed while a wall thickness by a double weave, also soft by applying a double-faced, is nice and soft fabrics.
    There is a reasonable stretch because it uses the polyurethane yarn, there is also a fit.

    99% cotton, polyurethane 1%

    SMALL [Length] 69 [Shoulder] 41 [Width] 51 [Sleeve length] 61
    MEDIUM [Length] 71 [Shoulder] 43 [Width] 53 [Sleeve length] 63
    LARGE [Length] 73 [shoulder width] 45 [width] 56 [sleeve length] 64
    unit: cm

  • THREE STAR pt マッキノーSH


    シンプルな着こなしに取り入れるだけで、ウンと見映えがアップし、今どき感も急上昇!  カジュアルスタイルはもちろん、あえて品の良いスラックスと合わせてラフなハズシとして活用すれば、俄然こなれた印象に仕上がります。フロントボタンは全開、または1~2つだけ留めて、軽やかにサラッと羽織るのがオススメです。



    綿99%, ポリウレタン1%

    SMALL [着丈]69 [肩幅]41 [身幅]51 [そで丈]61
    MEDIUM [着丈]71 [肩幅]43 [身幅]53 [そで丈]63
    LARGE [着丈]73 [肩幅]45 [身幅]56 [そで丈]64

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