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GTX JP BACK pt ribs JK

Product description

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  • Japanese (Original)
  • GTX JP BACK pt ribs JK

    "Military jacket of rock atmosphere a simple, unique edge worked,"

    I arranged to on the basis of the vintage military jacket. Rib, which is set to Hosohaba than the MA-1, epaulettes, the details of the pen feed pocket of the left sleeve on the left breast pocket features.

    Development is the material at the time of the Second World War as a successor model of the B-3, using the material reproduces the payment has been flight jacket B-10. Thin and finish lighter than at the time of the dough to make it easier to wear.

    "Kimaru just put on the package because there is a unique atmosphere to the material"

    HYSTERIC GLAMOUR military jacket is a steadfast popularity in. Coordination does not become dull even impression summarized in simple and basic, the attire of the visual quality is perfect. Such as the parka hood out and still day a little chilly is turning on the inner down, it is also recommended to enjoy a layered. In addition, cape off-shoulder dare to season of big silhouette

    Surface: 100% cotton, body Lining: 100% cotton, sleeve lining: 100% polyester, Erisuso ribs: Acrylic 54% wool 36% nylon 9%, 1% polyurethane, cuffs rib: Acrylic 57% wool 38% nylon 4% polyurethane 1%

    SMALL [length] 61 [Shoulder] 44 [Width] 55 [sleeve length] 67.5 [weight (g)] 700
    MEDIUM [length] 62 [Shoulder] 45 [Width] 55.5 [sleeves length] 69 [wt (g)] 720
    LARGE [length] 63 [Shoulder] 47.5 [Width] 58.5 [sleeve length] 69 [wt (g)] 760
    unit: cm

  • GTX JP BACK pt リブJK





    HYSTERIC GLAMOURでは不動の人気であるミリタリージャケット。 コーディネイトはシンプル&ベーシックにまとめても味気ない印象にならず、見映えバッチリの装いに。パーカのフード出しやまだ少し肌寒い日にはインナーダウンを投入するなど、レイヤードを楽しむのもオススメです。また、あえてオーバーサイズを選んで旬のビッグシルエット風にオフショルダーで羽織り、細身のパンツを合わせると、より今年らしいバランスに。

    表地: 綿100%, 身頃裏地: 綿100%, 袖裏地: ポリエステル100%, 衿裾リブ: アクリル54%, ウール36%, ナイロン9%, ポリウレタン1%, 袖口リブ: アクリル57%, ウール38%, ナイロン4%, ポリウレタン1%

    SMALL [着丈]61 [肩幅]44 [身幅]55 [そで丈]67.5 [重量(g)]700
    MEDIUM [着丈]62 [肩幅]45 [身幅]55.5 [そで丈]69 [重量(g)]720
    LARGE [着丈]63 [肩幅]47.5 [身幅]58.5 [そで丈]69 [重量(g)]760

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